WS483 Sn62 T4 J5 Paste 500 gr jar


WS483 Sn62 T4 J5 Paste 500 gr jar

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  • Organically activated formulation developed to better resist the effects of increased humidity levels.
  • Improved heat and humidity resistance, while maintaining high tack and resistance to slump.
  • Provides an exceptional post-process cleaning window and will not foam during the cleaning process, even in high-pressure wash systems.

WS483 is an organically activated, halide-free water soluble solder paste. Due to its unique solvent-free polymer system, WS483 offers excellent printing characteristics, stencil life, tack time, slump resistance, cleaning properties, heat and high humidity tolerance, and is virtually odor-free.

WS483 offers up to 48 hours of stencil life and up to 24 hours of tack time. For high-speed applications, WS483 provides superior slump resistance during high-speed printing and excellent printing characteristics, allowing print speeds up to 200 mm per second. In addition, WS483 offers the tack force necessary for today’s high-speed placement equipment. WS483 may be reflowed in air or nitrogen, and activity-related defects such as non-wetting may be reduced dramatically or eliminated simply by implementing WS483. The residues of WS483 may be cleaned easily in straight water.