Item No: CV-5210-PROMO2018

Soldering System: Metcal Advanced™ Hand-piece, Workstand & CV Power Supply


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Product Description

Special offer for orders before 31 December 2018 – package price, save EUR 179 on Metcal’s list price!

CV-5210 Soldering System, Metcal Advanced™ Hand-piece, Workstand & CV Power Supply
together with CV-UX6 High Thermal Demand hand-piece and workstand
and HCV-7CH0025S Cartridge 2.5 mm Chisel for HTD CV

Don’t miss the advantages of Metcal’s High Thermal Demand hand-piece:

  • Excellent for applications with high thermal loads such as multilayer or densely populated boards
  • Ergonomic lightweight hand-piece
  • Delivers more thermal energy faster and thereby reduces the risk of component or PCB damage associated with leaving a soldering iron tip on the solder joint for extended
    periods of time.

Metcal soldering stations are only available from Scanditron in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.


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CV-5210 and HTD Promo Q4 2018 Euro

High Thermal Demand Data Sheet