Soldering System: Metcal Advanced? Hand-piece, Workstand & CV Power Supply


Soldering System: Metcal Advanced™ Hand-piece, Workstand & CV Power Supply

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Metcal Connection Validation™ – the soldering station with process control and traceability!

Metcal’s SmartHeat senses the thermal load and instantly delivers “Power on Demand” directly to the solder joint. This provides a fast and repeatable process with no calibration required. The green light shows when a good solder joint has been formed.

Metcal soldering stations are only available from Scanditron in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

  • SmartHeat Power on Demand Technology
  • Patented Connection Validation IMC Formation Technology
  • Touchscreen with distinct graphics
  • Communications port for process traceability
  • Display with exact tip temperature, part No. and serial number of tip
  • Patented Chip-in-Cartridge Technology
  • Tip attributes are saved

The CV-5210 soldering station includes:
• CV Power supply with 5 years warranty
• CV-H1-AV: Advanced hand-piece with integrated LED light
• MX-W1AV: TipSaver Workstand
• Tips not included – see catalogue below for choice of cartridges

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