Sn63/Pb37 Alloy AIM Solder bar 1 kg


SN63/PB37 AIM Solder bar 1 kg

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SN63/PB37 AIM Solder bar 1 kg. Sold in boxes of 9 kg.

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  • High Purity
  • Reduces Drossing
  • Exceeds IPC-J-STD-006 Specifications

Sn63/Pb37 Electropure™ is a high purity alloy that is composed of 63% tin and 37% lead. Electropure is alloyed in a proprietary method that results in a low drossing, high wetting solder. The Electropure process reduces suspended oxides in the solder, thus reducing drossing, improving flow, and reducing bridging during soldering. Sn63/Pb37 is a eutectic alloy with a melting point of 183°C (361°F). Typical applications are wave soldering and plating where Sn63/Pb37 is primarily used as a coating for corrosion protection, and as a base for soldering.