4052009094 Side dams R

Item No: 4052009094

Side dam deflector 65 degr.right self adj, no quick


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Product Description

Paste deflector 65 degr.right self adj, no quick for EKRA screen printer. Usually ordered 2 at a time for each squeegee. Usually ordered together with 2 x 4052009094 (right).

Part Nos. 4052009093 (left) and 4052009094 (right) are only the plastic parts in the picture without the small parts used for the quick release. The small parts for the quick release can be used from the previous paste dams.

2299003882 (left) and 2299003883 (right) are complete with small parts for quick release and can be used directly provided that the customer has quick release paste dams on the squeegee.