No-Clean Wick No.1 ESD-Safe White 0,9 mm (3m)


No-Clean Wick No.1 White ESD-Safe 0,9 mm (3m)

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No-Clean Desoldering Braid No.1 White ESD-Safe 0,9 mm (3m)

Desoldering braid (wick) is pre-fluxed copper braid that is used to remove solder, which allows components to be replaced and excess solder to be removed.

Techspray No-Clean wick is coated with proprietary flux that only leaves a slight clear residue, which does not cause service issues. Cleaning after using Techspray No-Clean wick is strictly optional.

Specifications: Meets or Exceeds MIL-F-14256; NASA NHB 5300, 4 (34-1); NASA NPC 200-4; NASA SP5002; 1821:HP 8690-0588; 1823: HP 8690-0577; IPC Standard-J-STD-004