NC258 SAC305 T4 C12 Paste 1.2 kg


NC258-SAC305-38-C12 T4 Paste 1 2 kg

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NC258-SAC305-38-C12 T4 Paste 1.2 kg

  • Long Pause-to-Print Capabilities
  • Excellent Wetting, Even Leadless Devices
  • Enhances Fine Print Definitions
  • Reduced Voiding
  • No Head-in-Pillow
  • RoHS Compliant

NC258 Solder Paste has been developed to offer long pause-to-print capabilities while enhancing fine print definitions.  NC258 Solder Paste reduces defects such as voiding and head-in-pillow.  The superior wetting ability of NC258 results in bright, smooth and shiny solder joints.

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