M8 REL22 T4 Paste 1.2 kg

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M8 REL22™ T4 paste 1.2 kg


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M8 REL22™ Type 4 paste 1.2 kg cartridge

AIM M8 REL22™ type 4 solder paste in 500 gr jar. REL22™ alloy has been specially developed by AIM for high reliability applications. It provides significantly improved durability for use in applications where thermal shock, vibration and high g-forces are a concern. REL22 is the solution when SAC alloys are incapable of surviving in harsh environments, such as automotive,
aerospace and geographical exploration equipment.

  • Enhanced Durability for Use in Extremely Harsh Environments
  • Reliability Equal to Sn/Ag/Bi/Sb/Ni/Cu Alloys with Wider Assembly Process Window
  • Mitigates Tin Whisker Formation
  • Creep Rates Lower Than SAC Alloys
  • High Reliability / High Strength
  • Improved Thermal Cycling Performance
  • Improved Wetting Versus All Low/No-Silver Alloys
  • For use in Lead-Free Process Only
  • Complies with IPC J-STD-006

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TDS REL22 solder alloy

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