IPC J-STD-001 Rev H Reqs. Soldered Electr. Assemblies


IPC J-STD-00 Rev G Reqs. Soldered Electr. Assemblies

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IPC J-STD-001 Rev H Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, hard copy.

IPC-J-STD-001H is recognized globally for its criteria on soldering processes and materials. Updated with participants from 27 countries providing input and expertise, the IPC-J-STD-001H standard brings the latest criteria to the industry including guidance on the use of x-ray to inspect through-hole solder conditions that are not visible by any other means.

Significant changes rev H

  • Section 8.0 is an all new Industry AcceptedCleaning and Residue Requirements section
  • 56 μg/NaCI equivalence/cm2 value for Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE) – No Longer Acceptable Basis for Qualifying a Manufacturing Process.
  1. IPC-WP-019B Provides Explanation and Rationale for Section 8.0, Cleaning and Residue Requirements
  • Added Appendix D – Using x-ray for Acceptance for Solder Connection
  • Removed References to International Space Station Symbol
  • New Criteria for Wrapped Terminals

IPC-J-STD-001H is a must-have for those in the electronics industry with an interest in the process and acceptance criteria for electrical and electronic assemblies. J-STD-001 is developed in synergy with IPC-A-610 and is supported by IPC-HDBK-001 for those wanting additional information and explanation on the requirements. If you purchased IPC-J-STD-001H you should also purchase and use IPC-A-610H, they work together.


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