Ordering information and data policy

These  terms apply only for purchases from our web shop.

Scanditron reserves the right not to accept an order via our web shop. NOTE: Scanditron sells only to companies, not to individual persons. The web shop is a service for our usual customers and Scanditron sells only to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia via this web shop. Authorised territory limitations apply to most products.

The prices are given in EUR excluding VAT. Scanditron reserves the right to adjust prices due to conditions outwith our control.

A quotation can be obtained by adding items to cart, pressing proceed to checkout then choosing Request quotation then Confirm.

Terms of payment
Payment by invoice and subject to credit approval. Advance payment for customers outside of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Delivery time 
Items in stock will normally be shipped within 1–2 days from order. Low stock items may be subject to longer delivery times.

Terms of delivery 
Ex works Spånga, Sweden. Flat shipping rate of EUR 30 to Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Denmark by standard Postnord postal package. Costs for express shipment will be added. Shipping to Norway normally on customer’s courier account, or with UPS Standard DAP if free shipping limit has been reached. Free standard shipping for orders over EUR 500.

Product information
We do not accept responsibility for possible typographical errors or changes to the products offered.

Complaints should be reported to Scanditron within 2 days of arrival. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check on arrival that the product is correct and undamaged.

Force majeure
If any event arises which is outside our control we are not obliged to fulfil our obligations. Examples of such events are strikes, pandemics, war, natural disasters and blockades.

Personal data
When you register on our web shop the personal data you have entered is saved. You always have the right to ask for the registered data to be changed or deleted.

All personal data is handled according to GDPR. For more information about our data protection policy, please see Scanditron’s web site.

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When you browse the Scanditron web shop and session cookies are used in, for example, forms. This means that your data is temporarily saved if you have filled them in on one page and then have to press the back button. This will prevent you from filling in all your tasks again.

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